FVG Competition Team Page

Updated: Oct 2017

Welcome to Farmington Valley Gymnastics Competition Girls Team Program. In the many years of coaching competitive gymnastics we have had the pleasure of watching many children learn, grow, develop, and mature into outstanding young adults who are ready to face the world. They know how to work hard, set and achieve goals, work through frustration and setbacks, take risks and work with a wide variety of people. They know the meaning and worth of dedicated effort. They have the confidence that comes with the knowledge that they can accomplish amazing things if they put their mind to it. The Farmington Valley Gymnastics program has long-range goals and objectives to develop each child to the best of their ability as a gymnast and a person while helping them reach their full gymnastics potential. We are in the business to develop responsible, healthy, happy kids and in doing this we are; Shaping Kids For The Future.